Details to Remember for a Perfect Wedding

This week we have a guest blog post by Christina from The Transformation about all those lovely wedding details!


A wedding is that day we all dream about from an early age in some form or fashion.  We think about the colors, the linens, food, decor, the dress…oh the dress, how will we look? So many details go into making the day well…”perfect”! By the time he “puts a ring on it” and you get to start planning that magical day you you have always dreamed of, it can be overwhelming to say the least! I have the pleasure of spending almost every weekend at a client’s wedding and there is so much knowledge I have gained from these events! One important factor I want to share with you today is the budget and “cutting corners” on some specific vendors you don’t want to miss out on!


I know not everyone has an unlimited budget! Would you laugh if I told you when I married over 5 years ago my grand total for my BIG DAY was $5,000? WOW! Can you even believe it? So, I am all about getting creative and staying realistic! With getting creative there is so much DIY you can do yourself to help save money on decor, etc.  Think about the things that are super important to you and your fiancé! These along with some others are things that you want to make sure you invest in!


Photography is the one tangible thing you take away from your big day! Your memories will last forever of course…but so will these photos! If you aren’t happy with that down the road there is no going back! Another thing that is SUPER important, the way you look and more importantly, the way you FEEL!  Would you believe it if I told you that I have had 2 clients just within the last month call to redo their wedding photos?  Sometimes you have to cut corners to save but, there are other places to do so!  Make sure you love your photographers style and also make sure they do weddings and not just other genres of photography! Photographing a wedding is on a totally different playing field! Make sure you connect and vibe! You will be spending a lot of time with your photographers and want to make sure you can communicate your visions and wants clearly without being misunderstood! A profession photographer will spend hours with you on the wedding day, but HOURS and HOURS after the wedding editing and cropping and getting every last detail perfect for you!


Make sure you feel beautiful! Invest in a professional hair and makeup artist…it is your wedding day! PAMPER YOURSELF! You should not have to worry if you are going to be having  “good hair or makeup day” on the day of your wedding! Hire someone again that you connect with as well as their style! Have them come to YOU so you can enjoy the day with your bridal party and not be running around town alone! Make sure you do a trial for both hair and makeup and communicate clearly everything you want on that day. A professional is going to have the right products that work with your skin type, will last throughout the long day and work well within the elements of humidity,etc.  The last thing you will want to worry with i if your hair will hold and your makeup will fade!


Your dress, shoes, jewelry…this is one of the most exciting things to find and one of the first things most brides look for! Spoil yourself! You can preserve your dress and keep it with you to show your children and theirs! In every photo you want to look back and feel so confident with how you looked from head to toe! There are some special bridal shops around that make you feel like royalty as they wait on you and can even custom design pieces to come together for that one-of-a-kind look! It is such an exciting and fun experience! Make sure you leave yourself plenty of time to order your gown including extra time for alterations!


It’s easy to get swept up in the details and overlook some key elements! It always makes me sad whenever a bride isn’t happy with something from such a special day! So after reading this…you can make sure to invest in a few key elements that will ensure your memories are safe and your story will be told just the way you always dreamed about!!!


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