Why We Love our Albums so Much

At our last bridal show, we had so many people who absolutely fell in love with our albums! We were ecstatic, and we still are, but we also want to share with everyone who hasn’t seen these in person, why our wedding albums are so special and unique to us.

  • Our wedding albums tell a story! And not just any story… the bride and her groom’s story. We ALWAYS insist on some quality time with all of our couples before the wedding which allows us to get to know our couples and what makes them unique. We get to know things that others don’t such as why Jennifer smiles and laughs when James turns his head and winks, and that her favorite color is blue. That same color blue that was the wall color in their first apartment, the color of the mug that was custom made for her as a present, and why her something blue is absolutely unique to her. Those nuances are carefully captured and included in their wedding album. So when people look at their album and fall in love with it, it means so much more to Jennifer and James because it includes them, their little quirks, their wedding, their personality.
  • We have custom made, photographic albums. This stretches beyond our emotional bonds and into the technical areas that makes our albums such a higher quality. Albums and books are printed using a technique called offset printing, commonly called press printing. Press printing uses four colors of ink (cyan, yellow, magenta, and black) to create every other color through a series of dots printed onto the paper. While these are very small, they are still visible. Photographic printing uses many different colors and shades of ink to create smooth seamless photos. I’ve included a magnified image to show the differences and why we use photographic albums for our couples. You can clearly see why we insist on the best.
  • Every one of our couples are unique. From their style and fashion to their wedding, everyone is unique and so are our albums. We currently have 8.7 million different combinations to customize your wedding album to make it absolutely unique. That number is just mind boggling. All of those wedding album styles, sizes, page options, and cover options means that no one will ever have the same album as you. And we haven’t even mentioned the design yet! When we create your album, we start from scratch and make a design that fits you.

It is just so hard to understand the quality and the time we put into our albums until you see one in person. You won’t be able to put them down! If you have been envying our albums online and think they may be out of your price range, just give us a call or send us a message and see how affordable they are. All of our Wedding Collections include one of our beautiful wedding albums already, so there are no extra costs involved with having the wedding album of your dreams.