Hampton Cove Wedding Resale

Brrr… It is freezing here in Huntsville, but hopefully you will brave the cold weather and come see us this Saturday (Tomorrow!!!) at Hampton Cove Wedding Plantation for their wedding resale again! We had a great time last year and this one will be even better. There will be tons of gently used items from for you to buy for your upcoming weddings. Think of it as a giant wedding only yard sale! We will be there from 9am till noon with all of our new wedding albums, so be sure to stop by, take a look, and sign up for our FREE engagement session drawing! If you want to win, there is only one way to enter, so stop by and ask how tomorrow!


And I also wanted to share with you some more photos of the Celebrations Bridal Fair at the VBC from some of the other fabulous booths! I was really blown away by everyone there and how many wonderful brides to be were in attendance. We have had so many meetings and bookings from the show all the way into 2016 even!!

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