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This month’s guest blog post is by Michelle from Just Crumbs.

Deciding on the Perfect Wedding Cake Design


I have always believed the wedding cake is the centerpiece of the reception, and should be shown off. The wedding cake process should be fun and exciting after all it is cake we are talking about. It can also be a little overwhelming with new designs, textures, and budget, it can be hard to decide on a design.

Cake is just not cake anymore, and there are a million different directions you can go , so how do you decide on the perfect design? Think about the feel of your wedding , are you wanting something sweet and romantic or unique and colorful? Remember this is your wedding and there is no wrong answer!


Have you thought about designing the cake from your wedding dress? There are so many GORGEOUS dresses out there with beautiful textures you can actually mimic with fondant. If your dress is lace with pearl buttons up the back, your wedding cake can do the same. What is your dress has ruffles, or big flowers? You can have the larger ruffles come part way up the cake and then add a statement flower on the top tier. You can also just play with textures to give the cake some interest. I LOVE texture on wedding cakes, it just gives so much depth to a white cake.

Wedding cakes don’t have to be just plain white anymore, they can be as colorful and unique as you like again, have fun with it! You can have a layer be one of your accent colors and then have some colorful sugar flowers cascading down from the top layer. Black cakes are becoming more popular, and you can use bright color flowers that will just pop up against the black background. If black is too bold how about brown? You don’t have to do the whole cake in the black or brown you can just do the base and go from there. Metallics are all the rage right now and how could they not be? You can add little hints in the flower or a layer , the options are endless. Gold is very popular right now and I’m not going to lie I love it, but another metallic to think about is copper. If you are wanting a more cozy , almost homey feel for your wedding vs. a glamorous wedding the aged copper fits right in. Another fun and unique design, is hand painted cakes. The paintings can match a design on your invitation, or have a watercolor of the types of flowers at the reception. The options are endless.


Budget plays a big roll in the wedding cake design process, not everyone has an unlimited budget for a wedding . The more detailed or extravagant a cake design is the more expensive a design, and sometimes simple is not always inexpensive. There is a lot of time that goes into each wedding cake, some more than others, and can affect the price. Another thing to think about is weather, yes the weather is a big factor for cakes. You don’t want to have a buttercream cake sitting outside, on a hot July mid day wedding , it would not be pretty!

There are so many elements that go into deciding the perfect wedding cake design, but there is no reason to be stressed. The design process is suppose to be fun and exciting , let the cake represent you and your personality. Your cake designer is there to help you and to make it everything you have dreamed of.


– Michelle Odom (Just Crumbs)


Thank you so much Michelle for your insight!

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