Rainy Weddings


Spring showers are my nemesis…

As soon as the weather is warm and all the plants start blooming, we are booked full of bridal portraits, engagement sessions, and weddings. Unfortunately that is also the time for constant rain, every year, without fail. With our eyes glued to the weather and our fingers cross, we are always wishing for Sunny weekends this time of year, but we can’t always be so lucky. Last year we ended up having to reschedule almost half of our spring sessions due to the weather, but weddings are another story; they cannot be rescheduled so easily. Sometimes we catch a break and can sneak outside for a few photos, but sometimes we are stuck inside the church the whole day. While those photos are beautiful, they just aren’t as bright, airy, and open as we are able to take outdoors. Although it may be raining and we are stuck indoors, you now have a reason to be excited. Starting today…

Book your wedding with during the month of April & we will refund your cost of wedding photography if it rains an inch or more on your wedding day!

So no more worrying about rain on your wedding day. Just enjoy your wedding photos on us courtesy of Mr. Rain!

Remember! We are only doing this through April 30th, so if you are interested, call us now and find out all the details.